Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tea and a Treat!!

So today after school Rina and Aki`s grandma came over (this is the one who dosnt live here) and took us out for afternoon tea! We went to a very cute little European style pastrie shop, i had some kind of japanese herbal tea and teramesu( is that spelled right? if not i mean like that italian cake)
She reminded me of like a japanese veresion of oma!!! she was so nice and dressed very nicely just like my oma!!!

Also no more worries about the banks not working for my card, its all good now!!!!!

xoxo Claudia


  1. I'm glad to hear you have had an "Oma" to keep you company! And I'm also happy to see you have access to your dollars, er, yen. And now it will be the weekend - what adventures will you get up to this weekend I wonder? It is rainy here again. Have you been having hot weather?

  2. Claudia
    Did you ride the bullit train and how was it
    Did you have time to go shopping?
    Have a great time , we envy you

    Oma and Opa

  3. We rode the bullet train when we first got here, but i take the normal train to get to school!!! Im going shopping on the 23rd!!!!