Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stuff To Bring to Japan

If you ever come to Japan, bring these things that i wish i had:

-LAPTOP with a webcam that can get internet access
-mosquito repelent
-mosquito medicine (its expensive here, i paid like 17 dollars for mine)
-a visa card, bank cards suck cause you can just pay with the card, you have to go to a post office (bank cards only work at the post office) and get cash out.
-granola bars (you never know)
-lots of books (im borrowing from Riley and probably being reaelly annoying, but there is a book store that sells books in english, but theyre all those ones youve already read or didnt read for a reason

Yup so if your planning to do an exchange in japan this is a good list =D


  1. This list is an excellent idea. Who would have thought that mosquitos would be a problem? I guess the granola bars are a little more portable than rice, and even the adventurous might decide to pass on some food like octopus.

  2. i did eat a school of little baby shrimp all fried together so i think i still deserve the title of adventurous eater.

    another thing to add to the list: always ask what kind of meat it is.
    we went to korean bbq one night and my host aunt went and got me an english menu, it turns out one thing that i was thinking looked pretty tasty was HORSE meat, and the alternative choice was...pig tongue :P
    so that was a close one!!! ( so i ended up having like beef and pork and that kind of thing, korean bbq is really fun, you have this like bbq pit at your table and you cook the meat yourself!)