Friday, September 24, 2010

So I'm on my iPod so this has to be short!it's really really really windy and rainy here tonight, japan is apparently expecting a typhoon ( thankfully it's not in our town!) but the wind is so loud!!!! And it's cold, i went from using a thin sheet to having two thick winter blankets on my bed!!!


  1. I see the weather forecast for Shizuoka Saturday and Sunday is cloudy / sunny, so it is hopeful that the rain and wind will be gone (clouds back Monday for you)! I read about the typhoon - how fortunate that it wasn't in your part of the country.

  2. The wind was terrible last night! There was a wind chime outside my window that was ringing and ringing all night! It drove me crazy!!


  3. Well, I know you must be freezing your tush off but being close but not close enough to experience typhoon wind is kinda exciting. I know,I'm romantizing the whole thing! Visited Oma in her new place yesterday-it's beautiful, you will love it! Weather is crappy here too; Kevin has the fire going. He put the cat bed close enough hoping that Niko would love it and yup, that cat has snuggled right in.
    Love ya

  4. Oh ya about Niko, i think i know where he got his name from. Neko is japanese for cat (so if his first owners before auntie margaret were japanese they were EXTREMLY uncreative XD )it is a nice name though!!!