Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photos from Riley

Hey everyone! This is Riley, one of Claudia's friends who is also in Japan. She doesn't want to upload her photos onto her host family's computer, so I'm putting them up for her. Here you go:

Mount Fuji
Group photo at the Shizuoka City Hall
Haddas, Catherine, Mina, Meg and Claudia with... Whoever those statues are supposed to be. :)
A castle that we visited.
Hope this is what you wanted Claudia!


  1. It is great to see these photos. Mt. Fuji looks awesome. I like the group photos, and it is nice to see you, Claudia.

  2. Hi Claudia
    Your Mom is here bringing me up to date on your trip and made a google account for me. Sounds like you are having lots of interesting experiences!!!

  3. thanks for posting that matey!!!!!

    does it take a long time to post? thanks sososososososoooooo much!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Claudia,

    Doesn't take too long, but takes a bit to upload the photos. What I do is upload them all at once, leave my computer for five to ten minutes, then come back and it's all done. :)

    I'll see ya tomorrow!
    xoxo Riley