Monday, September 27, 2010

of octopus,hotsprings and purikura

So i went to the hot springs in Shu Zen Ji this weekend and had a great time! on the way there we stopped at the Fujiya Hotel ( a hotel that John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Sean Lennon stayed at once!) and we had cake and tea at their European style cake shop (very fancy!!!) i took a picture in front of one of their beautiful buildings (well its on my host familys camera, but i will ask them to email it to me when i am home!!) and i stood exactly where John Lennon had stood and took the exact same picture that he took in front of that same building (a very sacred moment in my life ;D ) then we went to the hotsprings. My host family had a little appartment type thing, kind of like how many canadians have an appartment at Mt Washington! We went up stairs to where the hotsprings were (they were in that building) and took a hot spring (we wore bathing suits and went in the private room) .

Next story...

last night i celebrated my birthday with my host family and had a joint birthday with my host sister Rina (her birthday is the day after mine, but she is 3 years older) it was so nice, they gave each of us a cake, and we had a special dinner, made up of inari, fried chicken made by the gradfather, and some special things (very hard to explain) but kind of like a not-sweet cake filled with octopus, shrimp or euro sasage, and im actually getting over my octopus issues, i like it now, and have eaten it twice since i realized it was delicious!!!! i recived lots of gifts too!!!!


Today we had only two classes, because they were practicing for sports day, so we convinced Mr Campbell to take us into town to shop and do purikura. So we went on a quest to find the purikura (for those of you who dont know, purikura is a photo booth that you decorate the picture at and stuff), we had 2 and a half hours, so we went literally all over town, using our limited japanese to ask for directions, we asked random people on the street (good thing this is one of the safest cities in the world, because we were 6 girls alone, who are verry exotic looking here, wearing skirts much shorter than the schools here allow) we ended up going into starbucks, buying some drinks and asking for directions. The woman gave us a hand drawn map, and we followed it. we arrived back where we started. and there was the purikura machines. if we had known that, we would have gotten in there in 1 minute, not an hour and a half. So i took purikura 3 or 4 different times and had a blast. Also after school i went on a mini shopping trip and finally bought myself some clothes here, and bought a small cell phone charm for Rinas birthday!!!!!

So thats it for now

See you all soon!!!


  1. What a fun weekend and Monday! The cake sounded very interesting!! You are AMAMZING!

  2. The purikura direction story made me laugh! Maybe you can bring an octopus recipe back to Canada.

  3. i dont think i could, we had to use a machine desingned specifically for the purpose of making that dish!!!! if we had a deepfryer we coul easily prepare the other octopus dish i had!!!