Monday, September 27, 2010

...i dont think i can handle it XP

so today is...





the reason this is so bad is that we have to run a realy.
okay i think i need to explain more.

they have been training SO hard for sports day, sometimes school goes later because they are training, some days we go to school early, because they are training, some days they miss class to train.

...its kinda sorta a big big BIG deal!!!!!!

so do you get why im scared????



  1. Hi Claudia,
    Advice from Coach Barry, "Do your best and keep it fun." Have a great day. What a cool experience to be a part of.

  2. so it turns out i didnt have to run the relay because there are 9 of us and they only wanted 8 and my ankle is hurting ALOT today because i have 3 massive mosquito bites there so i was the cheerleader ^W^

  3. And I just managed to crash into someone and fall on my face. Lovely.

  4. i saw that, everyone cheered so hard for you when you got back up again.

    bye the way, i forgot to give you the camera, so maybe we can try to edit it in befor school tomorow?

  5. I'm not bringing my computer to school tomorrow, because anything could happen to it when I'm not around. Plus, it's heavy and I take two hours to get to school in the morning, and coming home. So we can just watch what I have on my iPod. Could you bring your headphones so we can blast it a bit more? We'll all just have to be super quiet. :)