Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today i went to school again, apparently the students like to mimic the way i talk >:O

thats okay, they are all very nice to me!! The school lunches my host mother packs are AMAZING, today i had spaggheti, some sort of meat thing with green onion, and salad and a sweet bun. i discoverd a drink a few days ago, right when they ran out of it at the vending machine! now it is full again, it is not popular with the japanese girls but we LOVE it, almost everyone bought some today. We also went on a class trip to the city hall viewing deck, we could see the whole city! Riley will post my pictures because i dont want to load them onto the host familys computer! so you can see them later!!

xoxo Claudia


  1. This is a very interesting post. Your days are so full of new and interesting experiences. I like hearing about everything from the sight seeing to the food and drinks, and even the school activities. How are you doing in your English class? lol

  2. Can't wait for pictures. How do you like school there. What time do you usually get home from school. Are you allowed to use the computers at school much. Any way we can Skype???


  3. i cant use the school computers :( i wish i had brought a computer. I wake up at 5:45 in the morning and get home at 6:00 at night. i really dont think we can skype because i would have to download it into the computer, which might be rude for me to do. until the wifi in my room works, i cant skype. when i go shopping i will try to buy a phone card.