Friday, September 17, 2010

answers to questions!!!

Auntie Sharon, now iv moved onto chocolate...not exactly the craving i was going for. Auntie Brenda,When i get back a canadian themed night and a japanese night would be so cool!!!!
Mom,the toilets are so weird, the ones in the airport had a music button and when you press it it makes noise to cover up any noise you might make...a little weird!! The showeres are so nice, its just like a shower at home but you hold it, and you can change the water pressure and temputrature and stuff.
The purikura is NOTHING like a picture booth, if i go again i will take a picture of it, its kinda hard to explain.
also, to answer some more of auntie sharons questions, there is no wifi and no computer lab that i know of there, i think they have to hand write everything. And definetly NO cell phones, you cant even whip out your ipod to check the time.
One class i thought was weird was Bible class, they had all these stories of cute little animals killing each other, it was really graphic, because they showed cute little cartoon animals like and elephant, exept the next picture they showed of him he had a giant rock covering his whole face and was surrounded by a pool of blood,and the teacher asked us if we go to church, which we all thought was really rude, luckily he didnt get to asking me because when another canadian said no he dropped the subject!!

xoxo Claudia


  1. Yikes, a girl in a new country with no money!Went shopping myself today so now I have to ask; what is the clothing style on the street? Boots, chunky jewelry, back to the 70's - same influence or different. Do they follow western or European styles; fashion magazines? Curious, curious...
    Big hugs B

  2. They try to be western i think, but i think its very...80s maybe?? They have some VERY daring fashion choices here! The boys mostly go for the "girl look" they definetly must take longer to style their hair then the girls and carry PURSES, and wear really feminine clothes (a few times iv caught myself thinking "i love her purse!!! oh wait thats a dude..."