Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ANOTHER shrine!!!

So i went to another shrine today (this is my fourth one, so i was able to do the whole routine perfectly!) This is a shrine that is famous for having like a bajillion stairs, we climbed up SO FAR and still  werent even half way ( i have a video of the descent that i will post at home) we ran up a few of the stairs, but were all pretty out of shape due to:
a)too much Magic Animal Juice and Chocolate Milk
b)no exersise (besides climbing the stairs every morning, i counted 54 just to get to our class room, but all our classes are on different floors so that leads to alot of stair climbing) but other than that, none, because they are practicing for the Sports Festival and us untrained Canadians arent up to the high japanese sports expectations (they run  on each others backs for gosh sakes!!!)

but we did it, and there were some random japanese dudes at the bottom when we came back clapping and was weird but kinda awsome!!!

So tomorows the big shopping/kareoke day (its a national holiday tomorow) im so stoked you dont even know, i LOVE LOVE LOVE Japanese clothes and shoes!!!!!!

So thats all for now, so until next time PEACE OUT

...that was really alot more lame then i meant for it to be XD



  1. Did you get up to do karaoke? Could anyone get up and sing or did it seem to be more formal / organized? Any Beatles songs or other English songs? I'm looking forward to seeing some new Japanese clothes and accessories :-) What are the "have to have" items? Gold pants? Multi-pleated short skirts? Pink purses? (just referring to the photo Riley posted of her host family picking her up at the airport)

  2. P.S. What is the routine at the shrine?

  3. Claudia
    This is count down time. Six days to go, Remember Claudia when we talked about it.
    Can't wait to see you. You are soon back in Victoria

    Hugs and kisses, love you


  4. Well im going to Kareoke tonight, but from what Riley has told me, you get a room for just you and your amigos :D they apparently have like EVERY beatles song!!!
    and you know i loves my gold pants! (no im not really intersted in those things thank you XD)
    Routine at the shrine: wash you left hand, right hand, mouth, spit the water out, go up to the temple, throw a coin into this box thing, ring this bell using a giant thick rope, clap twice, bow twice, and pray (that could almost be rap!!!)

    I cant beleive in less than a week!!! i dont want to go ( i mean obviously i miss you guys, but im going to miss japan soooo much!!!)
    but i guess i am looking forward to being home and understanding everything, and being able to order in a resteraunt by myself and useing my bank card with ease!!!!

  5. I go out of town for a couple of days and miss so much of your action!(I'm at A. Sharon's tonight) Ha ha - very good rap indeed - we should work one out when we have our Japanese night(I'm determined to have one despite your octopus issues!)Please tell me that I don't have the full story - you are NOT coming off the plane w/gold pants on!!LOL Keep your what to bring to Japan list as I'm sure you will get there again! Maybe you need to make up a similar list for your Japanese sister for her visit here. Didn't realize that the homecoming days were getting so close - yea for us; sad for you.
    xoxo A. Brenda

  6. no, i dont have gold pants (a girl can only dream!!!!)

    i bought only one clothing thing cause it was all really expensive or much to daring for canada (dressing up as a doll might not go over well at home!!!)
    but i did buy alot of random stuff (stickers,bento box, head phones that look like lego, food etc) so i spent most of my money on that, but we go through the mall everyday after school to get to the train, so if i see anything i can get it then too, so i havent missed out, i dont think that japanese clothes are all that different from canadian clothes, the ones i like that are different i just cant pull of (have you ever noticed asians look good in EVERYTHING!!!)

  7. also alot of the stuff i liked i know exactly where to buy at home for a cheaper price, they make stuff really expensive here (i like a sweater until i saw it was $150!!!!)