Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Almost time!

So I start school tomorrow, have to say goodbye to all my friends :( then the next day I get up and fly from Victoria to Vancouver, then fly to Narita Airport, take the train to Tokyo, then the train to Shizouka (or something to that affect) 

                                                       ^^I LVE THIS AIRPLANE!^^

                                                                    [i wish i was going on that one (^0^) ]


  1. You have double the followers that I do! Haha. We actually take a bus from Narita Airport to the train station, then ride the train into Shizuoka. :)

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  3. Maybe the mayor of Victoria will be on your flight. This was in today's paper: Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin leaves tomorrow for a trip to Morioka, Japan, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the two municipalities' twin-city relationship.

  4. Hi Claudia. Your mom tells me that you made it without a hitch. Highest roller coaster, museum and more and its only day 2-or is it day 3? Anyway, I am thrilled that your adventure has started out so well. Miss you already.
    xoxo Auntie Brenda