Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sorry i didnt post last night about the festival last night! I basically came home and listened to music until i fell asleep, no blogging time or energy!!! Last night was the fireworks festival (again, i will post the pictures when i get home i suppose!!) But i had a great time, i guess its where people who like to make fireworks get to display their best ones, since they were home made, a few of them failed majorly (i noticed an increase in ambulances and firetrucks here yesterday!!!!) i ate octopus...not my favorite, i kept thinking about Darla the octopus at SODC and after that had octopus issues!!! So for dinner i bought a baked potato (YES I AM AWARE THAT THIS EXTREMLY UNCULTURAL OF ME, BUT YOU TRY EATING OCTOPUS THAT STILL HAS SUCTION CUPS AND STILL HAVE AN ADVENTUROUS APPETITE!!!!). They eat this candy called Water Candy, its this sticky clear goo that the  lady adds the flavour of your choice to ( i reccomend lemon!!!) then you mix it in between chopsticks!!!!

At the end of the festival we sat on the roof of my host fathers office and watched some fire
works, then walked home.



  1. The octopus description is making me squeamish - it was the suction cup part that got me. What other exotic seafood have you tried? The lemon flavoured candy sounds alright - maybe you'll have a photo of you eating it with chopsticks, as I can't quite picture it! Did you get time off school for the festival - I was thinking maybe that is why you had to go to school last weekend!

  2. I dont really have a picture, maybe i can google it for you, cause everyone bought it and you kinda have to eat it fast because otherwise it would fall of the sticks :(

    But i do have a photo of this other thing i tried which was like a thin salty wafer thing that you use a paint brush to paint of flavourd syrup, and then the lady sprinkles coloured sugar on it and makes it look really pretty!!!! And the day of the festival was a national holiday, and so is tomorow...i still dont know why!!!!