Wednesday, September 29, 2010

im leaving today :(

so today i have to leave Japan, i love it here SO much!!! i will be back someday!!!! But i am glad im going home because i miss my family so much (that last airplane we take for only 24 minuts is going to feel longer than the 9 hour one!!)

So i guess i will see you very soon!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last full day in Japan :(

I guess today would be my last legit day in Japan!!!! I love it here so much and i think everyone should visit Japan at least once, I know Ill be back for sure!!!!!

Todays kinda also my birthday here (because its a day ahead) so im 14 today i suppose!!!!


Monday, September 27, 2010

...i dont think i can handle it XP

so today is...





the reason this is so bad is that we have to run a realy.
okay i think i need to explain more.

they have been training SO hard for sports day, sometimes school goes later because they are training, some days we go to school early, because they are training, some days they miss class to train.

...its kinda sorta a big big BIG deal!!!!!!

so do you get why im scared????


of octopus,hotsprings and purikura

So i went to the hot springs in Shu Zen Ji this weekend and had a great time! on the way there we stopped at the Fujiya Hotel ( a hotel that John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Sean Lennon stayed at once!) and we had cake and tea at their European style cake shop (very fancy!!!) i took a picture in front of one of their beautiful buildings (well its on my host familys camera, but i will ask them to email it to me when i am home!!) and i stood exactly where John Lennon had stood and took the exact same picture that he took in front of that same building (a very sacred moment in my life ;D ) then we went to the hotsprings. My host family had a little appartment type thing, kind of like how many canadians have an appartment at Mt Washington! We went up stairs to where the hotsprings were (they were in that building) and took a hot spring (we wore bathing suits and went in the private room) .

Next story...

last night i celebrated my birthday with my host family and had a joint birthday with my host sister Rina (her birthday is the day after mine, but she is 3 years older) it was so nice, they gave each of us a cake, and we had a special dinner, made up of inari, fried chicken made by the gradfather, and some special things (very hard to explain) but kind of like a not-sweet cake filled with octopus, shrimp or euro sasage, and im actually getting over my octopus issues, i like it now, and have eaten it twice since i realized it was delicious!!!! i recived lots of gifts too!!!!


Today we had only two classes, because they were practicing for sports day, so we convinced Mr Campbell to take us into town to shop and do purikura. So we went on a quest to find the purikura (for those of you who dont know, purikura is a photo booth that you decorate the picture at and stuff), we had 2 and a half hours, so we went literally all over town, using our limited japanese to ask for directions, we asked random people on the street (good thing this is one of the safest cities in the world, because we were 6 girls alone, who are verry exotic looking here, wearing skirts much shorter than the schools here allow) we ended up going into starbucks, buying some drinks and asking for directions. The woman gave us a hand drawn map, and we followed it. we arrived back where we started. and there was the purikura machines. if we had known that, we would have gotten in there in 1 minute, not an hour and a half. So i took purikura 3 or 4 different times and had a blast. Also after school i went on a mini shopping trip and finally bought myself some clothes here, and bought a small cell phone charm for Rinas birthday!!!!!

So thats it for now

See you all soon!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


So i wont blog for tonight or tomorow becaue guess whos going on an overnight trip to the hot springs? ME!!!!

So ill blog about it when i get back!!!!

So I'm on my iPod so this has to be short!it's really really really windy and rainy here tonight, japan is apparently expecting a typhoon ( thankfully it's not in our town!) but the wind is so loud!!!! And it's cold, i went from using a thin sheet to having two thick winter blankets on my bed!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So yesterday was a BLAST like BLAST OFF TO THE MOON blast. kareoke was the most frightening thing, i was so nervous i sang in like a monotone... :P
But today. is. school.


and now its cold here. and POURING rain.

is there no balance?????????

But im kinda happy to go to school so i can talk to my friends in fluent english (just imagining being home inn canada seems really amazing now, the idea of being able to read the lable on a drink or order off a menu sounds like paradise!!!!)

ok thats it for now, sorry this one was a bit negative :O

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ANOTHER shrine!!!

So i went to another shrine today (this is my fourth one, so i was able to do the whole routine perfectly!) This is a shrine that is famous for having like a bajillion stairs, we climbed up SO FAR and still  werent even half way ( i have a video of the descent that i will post at home) we ran up a few of the stairs, but were all pretty out of shape due to:
a)too much Magic Animal Juice and Chocolate Milk
b)no exersise (besides climbing the stairs every morning, i counted 54 just to get to our class room, but all our classes are on different floors so that leads to alot of stair climbing) but other than that, none, because they are practicing for the Sports Festival and us untrained Canadians arent up to the high japanese sports expectations (they run  on each others backs for gosh sakes!!!)

but we did it, and there were some random japanese dudes at the bottom when we came back clapping and was weird but kinda awsome!!!

So tomorows the big shopping/kareoke day (its a national holiday tomorow) im so stoked you dont even know, i LOVE LOVE LOVE Japanese clothes and shoes!!!!!!

So thats all for now, so until next time PEACE OUT

...that was really alot more lame then i meant for it to be XD


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stuff To Bring to Japan

If you ever come to Japan, bring these things that i wish i had:

-LAPTOP with a webcam that can get internet access
-mosquito repelent
-mosquito medicine (its expensive here, i paid like 17 dollars for mine)
-a visa card, bank cards suck cause you can just pay with the card, you have to go to a post office (bank cards only work at the post office) and get cash out.
-granola bars (you never know)
-lots of books (im borrowing from Riley and probably being reaelly annoying, but there is a book store that sells books in english, but theyre all those ones youve already read or didnt read for a reason

Yup so if your planning to do an exchange in japan this is a good list =D


Sorry i didnt post last night about the festival last night! I basically came home and listened to music until i fell asleep, no blogging time or energy!!! Last night was the fireworks festival (again, i will post the pictures when i get home i suppose!!) But i had a great time, i guess its where people who like to make fireworks get to display their best ones, since they were home made, a few of them failed majorly (i noticed an increase in ambulances and firetrucks here yesterday!!!!) i ate octopus...not my favorite, i kept thinking about Darla the octopus at SODC and after that had octopus issues!!! So for dinner i bought a baked potato (YES I AM AWARE THAT THIS EXTREMLY UNCULTURAL OF ME, BUT YOU TRY EATING OCTOPUS THAT STILL HAS SUCTION CUPS AND STILL HAVE AN ADVENTUROUS APPETITE!!!!). They eat this candy called Water Candy, its this sticky clear goo that the  lady adds the flavour of your choice to ( i reccomend lemon!!!) then you mix it in between chopsticks!!!!

At the end of the festival we sat on the roof of my host fathers office and watched some fire
works, then walked home.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photos from Riley

Hey everyone! This is Riley, one of Claudia's friends who is also in Japan. She doesn't want to upload her photos onto her host family's computer, so I'm putting them up for her. Here you go:

Mount Fuji
Group photo at the Shizuoka City Hall
Haddas, Catherine, Mina, Meg and Claudia with... Whoever those statues are supposed to be. :)
A castle that we visited.
Hope this is what you wanted Claudia!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tea and a Treat!!

So today after school Rina and Aki`s grandma came over (this is the one who dosnt live here) and took us out for afternoon tea! We went to a very cute little European style pastrie shop, i had some kind of japanese herbal tea and teramesu( is that spelled right? if not i mean like that italian cake)
She reminded me of like a japanese veresion of oma!!! she was so nice and dressed very nicely just like my oma!!!

Also no more worries about the banks not working for my card, its all good now!!!!!

xoxo Claudia

Friday, September 17, 2010

answers to questions!!!

Auntie Sharon, now iv moved onto chocolate...not exactly the craving i was going for. Auntie Brenda,When i get back a canadian themed night and a japanese night would be so cool!!!!
Mom,the toilets are so weird, the ones in the airport had a music button and when you press it it makes noise to cover up any noise you might make...a little weird!! The showeres are so nice, its just like a shower at home but you hold it, and you can change the water pressure and temputrature and stuff.
The purikura is NOTHING like a picture booth, if i go again i will take a picture of it, its kinda hard to explain.
also, to answer some more of auntie sharons questions, there is no wifi and no computer lab that i know of there, i think they have to hand write everything. And definetly NO cell phones, you cant even whip out your ipod to check the time.
One class i thought was weird was Bible class, they had all these stories of cute little animals killing each other, it was really graphic, because they showed cute little cartoon animals like and elephant, exept the next picture they showed of him he had a giant rock covering his whole face and was surrounded by a pool of blood,and the teacher asked us if we go to church, which we all thought was really rude, luckily he didnt get to asking me because when another canadian said no he dropped the subject!!

xoxo Claudia

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How I miss everyone, and Canadian food

I'm getting used to it, it will be a hard transition back to normal, I REALLY mean normal, I'm not exactly going to stand out in Canada, being here as a western looking girl is almost like being a celebrity!!! It's kinda fun, everyone wants to test out their English on us, everyone waves to us( including elemtry school children who are just random on the street!

You know what I really wish I had right now? A bag of lays chips! I am going to buy them if they are at the airport in Vancouver on the way hone!!!!!! Does anyone want to ask anything about Japan???

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today i went to school again, apparently the students like to mimic the way i talk >:O

thats okay, they are all very nice to me!! The school lunches my host mother packs are AMAZING, today i had spaggheti, some sort of meat thing with green onion, and salad and a sweet bun. i discoverd a drink a few days ago, right when they ran out of it at the vending machine! now it is full again, it is not popular with the japanese girls but we LOVE it, almost everyone bought some today. We also went on a class trip to the city hall viewing deck, we could see the whole city! Riley will post my pictures because i dont want to load them onto the host familys computer! so you can see them later!!

xoxo Claudia

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Heloooo everyone!! I'm sorry I haven't blogged yet, computers have been hard to come by here, but I finally figured out how to do this on my iPod! I won't be able to show pictures until I get a computer, I'm trying! So far I have been to Fuji Q Highland ( it has two world record holding roller coasters, gone to a Shinto Shrine ( this was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who comes to Japan!) and today I had my first day of school ( people seem perplexed by us canadians, when they meet us the all go KAWAIIIEEEEEEE!!! ( this means cute in Japanese, they use that word alot here!)after school my host sister Aki took me to do purikura ( it is like a photo booth where you decorate your pictures and it makes you eyes bigger and your skin paler, it makes me look very creepy, but it's still very fun!)

xox Claudia

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So goodbye Victoria!!! I have to be at the airport in and hour and a half, i'm so nervous! I can't wait till i land in Japan, i'm sure theres some AWESOME adventures to be had.

Sayōnara Canada!




Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Almost time!

So I start school tomorrow, have to say goodbye to all my friends :( then the next day I get up and fly from Victoria to Vancouver, then fly to Narita Airport, take the train to Tokyo, then the train to Shizouka (or something to that affect) 

                                                       ^^I LVE THIS AIRPLANE!^^

                                                                    [i wish i was going on that one (^0^) ]

Sunday, September 5, 2010

4 more days!

I'm getting excited and nervous. My suitcase is all packed and i have everything ready!